Grand Opening of “Exploring New Trends of Elderly Care inside Poly Zhong Ke Hexi Healthy Life House” Seminar


The seminar themed with “Exploring New Trends of Elderly Care inside Poly Zhong Ke Hexi Healthy Life House” was successfully held at Poly Zhong Ke Hexi Healthy Life House, on September 5.

This seminar was jointly hosted by China International Silver Industry Exhibition, Senior Housing Committee of Guangdong Real Estate Association and Poly (Guangzhou) Health Industry Investment Co., Ltd.

Present at the seminar were distinguished guests including Huang Weigang, Director of Guangdong Real Estate Association Senior Housing Committee, Gao Yingchun, Director of Publicity Department of Office of Guangzhou Municipal Working Committee on Aging, Chen Zhongwen, Director of Welfare Department of Bureau of Civil Affairs of Guangzhou Municipality, Chen Wenguang, President of Guangzhou Senior Service Industry Association, Cai Dongxiang, General Manager of Guangzhou Poly Jinhan Exhibition Co., Ltd, Zhao Guangfeng, Vice General Manager of Poly Property Development Co., Ltd, Zhang Bo, General Manager of Guangzhou Yuexiu Senior Industry Investment Holdings Ltd, and Deng Chunyang, General Manager of Elderly Care Department of Xiamen Jingming Energy Industry Co., Ltd. Huang Yiwen, Secretary General of Guangdong Real Estate Association chaired the meeting.

Besides, over 70 enterprise representatives such as Nichii Group, Sino-Ocean Group, Cherish-Yearn Co., Ltd, TOTO, Younger and Evergrande Group attended the seminar. Through visiting the project of Poly Zhong Ke Hexi Healthy Life House and enthusiastic discussions, this seminar aimed to promote exchanges in terms of senior housing industry and search for new operating models.

Director Huang Weigang of Guangdong Real Estate Association Senior Housing Committee Giving a Speech

When Vice General Manager Zhao Guangfeng of Poly Property Development Co., Ltd spoke about “Poly Elderly Care Strategy and Operating Model”, she said that the country’s housing market grew into its maturity with upgraded and diversified housing demands, which indicates a huge market is emerging from sub-areas of real estate industry. As a result, Poly Real Estate Group takes the initiative to expand its business in the hope of creating a “Health and Elderly Care+” model to cover the entire industrial chain.

Since 2012, Poly Real Estate Group has been working on elderly care at establishments, communities and home, travel, elder-friendly products, exhibitions and other fields. It has created a “trinity” of elderly care model featuring “coordinated services among home care, local community support and establishment assistance”, which is perfectly embodied in Poly Hexi Healthy Life House, a top brand of elderly care in China. At present, it has around 10 chain establishments in operation or under construction over the country, in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hefei and Chengdu, etc. The number of establishments is going to increase to 100 in the five years to come, including at least 30 medium and large-sized establishments and 70 small and mini establishments.

General Manager Zhang Bo of Guangzhou Yuexiu Senior Industry Investment Holdings Ltd gave a speech titled “Senior Housing as Future Source of Growth” and shared his views about the status quo and problems of China’s senior housing industry from aspects of population, industrial policy, participants of elderly care market and others. In his opinion, the market volume of Chinese senior housing industry is expected to reach about 4 to 5 trillion yuan over the next decade and in 2025, the annual income of senior housing service market about 530 billion yuan.

As he said, senior industry investment as a new strategic business of Yuexiu Property will hold on to the theory of “development + operation + finance” and dig up a full-cycle business model for senior housing projects. Over the next decade, the company plans to develop more than 50 projects centering around Guangzhou, Yangtze River Delta and Central China, and look for opportunities to enter Pearl River Delta and the Bohai coastal region. Meanwhile, based on senior housing market, it will further bring the strengths of medical treatment, nursing care and finance into play to incubate new industries in the field of comprehensive health.

General Manager Deng Chunyang of Elderly Care Department of Xiamen Jingming Energy Industry Co., Ltd. shared his “Quinary Business Profit Model for Elderly Care Industry” which proposed that the ideal business model for senior industry in the future would be a unity of five parts, namely government promotion, project development, operation and management, technology research and development as well as capital management, and furthermore, it would combine company’s industrial management and government’s regulation and administration to form a “dual management model”.

Assistant General Manager Zhu Wei of Guangzhou Poly Jinhan Exhibition Co., Ltd introduced to the attendees the highlights of China International Silver Industry Exhibition.

1. An assembly of top brands will present the latest products, technologies and solutions in fields of barrier-free living, rehabilitation and nursing, elderly care services, senior housing, senior financial services, smart elderly care, senior daily necessities, and healthy living, and together explore the potential of elderly care market.

2. A gathering of France, Holland, Japan, Taiwan and Hongkong pavilions will showcase world-class elderly care service system and experience and share the world’s optimal resources.

3. 20 concurrent high-level forums will cover frontier topics of the industry to discuss future development trends; “one to one” matchmaking conferences will help better communication and efficient cooperation between suppliers and buyers.

Guests and enterprise representatives were visiting Poly Zhong Ke Hexi Healthy Life House.

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