The amount of overseas buyers rose 70%, and nearly 80% of exhibitors participated in source matching sessions! The 2nd GSF concluded successfully!


On April 17, the 2nd Guangzhou Sourcing Fair for Hardware & Home Appliances, which jointly organized by Global Sources, Poly Exhibition and Grandhub, has successfully concluded.


The 4-day exhibition attracted 28,857 professional buyers from all over the world, including Lenta, one of the leading retailers in Russia; Nitori, the heading domestic home furnishing industry in Japan; Running Decora, a Mexican supplier of home accessories and furniture; NovaSat, a buyer of household appliances from Russia; Tradetested from Australia; KD Product Develoment from the United States, Amtrac Furnishings International Ltd, a Hong Kong home furnishing brand, Patrick & Sant SAS, a Colombian importer of home furnishings and hotel and office supplies, and other global 28,857 professional buyers to the meeting. Also the number of overseas buyers has increased by 72%, and 2,711 business matching was completed during the same period with the amount of intended orders totaling more than 10 million U.S. dollars for exhibitors.The GSF has provide a professional international business platform for both exhibitors and buyers.




Exhibiting results beyond expectations

Companies have already booked their booths for the next exhibition


The exhibition area covers over 20,000 square meters, connected with eight industry associations to organize enterprise groups, 311 well-known enterprises display with their innovative latest hardware, tools, and household appliances products to help them develop foreign trade and export markets.




Yu Qingcai, the secretary of Yueqing Hardware Tools Industry Association, mentioned, "We organized a group of 15 Yueqing enterprises to exhibit at the show and displaying hand tools, power tools, pneumatic tools, wind tools and other categories. On the first day of the exhibition, some enterprises received order of 100,000 yuan and established direct contact with more than 100 buyers, the exhibition effect is very good."


Fu Jianbo, president of Jinhua Tools Industry Association, said, "We organized 12 Jinhua tool enterprises to exhibit and bringing hand tools, hardware products, gardening supplies, garden tools and other products on display. Many enterprises said that exhibition experience reached or even exceeded expectations. We will organize more enterprises to participate in the exhibition in the future and let Jinhua tool be known by the world"



Exhibitors said that the exhibition outcome has exceeded their expectations. The amount of intended buyers has increased and exhibitors would develop further cooperation with these intended buyers. Lin Dongjia, the general manager of Foshan Bestir Hardware Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd, and the "old exhibitors"which consecutively take part in GSF for two sessions, was pleased with the effect made by GSF , "The amount of overseas buyers was more than the previous year. We received a lot of foreign businessmen from Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia at the booth. During the exhibition we have arranged to bring customers with strong intention to visit our factory and we will keep in touch with them."

Many companies, such as Danyang Yogi Tools , Dongguan tak PO Power Tools , and Dongguan Ruijiang Intelligent Technology have approached more than 20 counterparts on the spot and shared the joy of obtaining customers' intentional orders with us. Taizhou Gaobo Household Products Co.,LTD contacted nearly 50 counterpart buyers at their booth during the exhibition period, and received 8 intentional orders amounting to more than 1 million US dollars. At the same time, they also negotiated with 36 counterpart buyers at the Business Matching session, with 11 intentional orders. Guangdong Changjin Metal Products Co., Ltd. even received cash confirmation orders from buyers during the exhibition.





The business effect of the exhibition is remarkable, many enterprises have already booked GSF fall exhibition and have submitted deposits during the exhibition.












2711 Business Matching sessions

Unanimous praise from both sides of suppliers and buyers



GSF, as an efficient trade and export matching platform, successfully organized 7 large-scale trade matching sessions during the exhibition, which also included a special session for Russia and a special session for Zhaoqing Hardware with a total of 2,711 business matching sessions completed between exhibitors and buyers. Nearly 80% of exhibitors participated in the on-site business matching and had pleasure negotiation with 272 buyers, including Bona Fortuna Trading Networks Ltd, an importer of hardware and home appliances from Cyprus; and Niruda Enterprise, a brand of home appliances and consumer electronics from Hong Kong, China. And the highly efficient and accurate mode of business matching has won the unanimously high praise from both the exhibitors and the buyers.


At the Russia-specific business matching session, Li Wen, the president of Guangdong Province Trade Promotion Association with Russia, said, "The business matching session was effective, providing an accurate and efficient docking platform for both suppliers and buyers, promoting business negotiations between the two sides and facilitating cooperation. We hope to lead more Chinese enterprises to explore the Russian market and promote economic and trade cooperation between China and Russia."



On the Zhaoqing hardware special matchmaking session, hardware enterprises from Zhaoqing had one-on-one business negotiation with 20 overseas buyers. Guo Aimin, foreign trade manager of Zhaoqing kailang Trading Co.,Ltd. thought that the business matching session was an innovation and a surprise. Such a targeted and relevant negotiation facilitated the docking of suppliers and buyers, and greatly enhanced the efficiency of the transaction.


Also, Dongguan Shunchi Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., Guangdong Changjin Metal Products Co., Ltd., Hangzhou dawning technology co.,Ltd., Taizhou shiwang Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd., DANYANG BOYU TOOLS CO.,LTD,Taizhou Luqiao Joyhoo Sanitary Ware Factory, YUEQING JIALI TOOLS CO.,LTD, JINHUA SHENGLI TOOL MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. and other enterprises had participate in the business matching actively. Many enterprises were pleased with the form and outcome of Business Matching and already had intentional buyers to cooperate with. They are looking forward for further communication with these buyers.


Wang Xiaoyi, Foreign Trade Manager of Auston Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. mentioned, "This is the first time for us being in this exhibition, and the form of GSF's Business  matching session is very innovative. We have received matching demands from several buyers and we will keep in touch with them in the future."



Many buyers said that the one-to-one and face-to-face form of business matching will save purchasing time and contact with  more suppliers in a more quickly, accurately and efficiently way at the same time.


ENSVXI, a buyer from Saudi Arabia, and ZIGZAGHOME, a buyer from Colombia, said that there are many innovative products and the quality of the products is very good.


FERRETERIA CAMPOS, representative from Mexico commented on GSF, "This is a very good opportunity and platform for us to communicate with suppliers directly. The exhibition site has a wide range of categories, so that the choice is diversified. In the business matching session, we talked with more than 20 suppliers  and will follow up with orders to the matched suppliers according to the purchasing needs. I will participate again in the exhibition on October." The representative of EASY IMPACT LIMITED from Hong Kong, China, said that the Business Matching Session could help him connect with suppliers quickly, which greatly enhanced his sourcing efficiency.


The 2nd Guangzhou Sourcing Fair for Hardware & Home Appliances ended successfully! GSF will continue to build a professional, internationalized and efficient platform for trade and export aggregation in the future, and present a great gathering for both exhibitors and buyers. Let's meet again in Guangzhou on October 14-17 for the next exhibition!















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