The 4th China International Silver Industry Exhibition to Be Unveiled


From November 16 to 18, 2017, the 4th China International Silvery Industry Exhibition (‘SIC’ hereinafter) will continue to be held in the Poly World Trade Center Expo in Guangzhou. Compared to last session, this session will see an increased scale and reach a total exhibition area of 30,000 square meters. 350 exhibitors from nearly 20 countries and regions will be present and expect to receive around 50,000 visitors. With the implementation of national polices on the overall opening up of senior care market and service upgrade, SIC will continue to follow up with policy and industrial trends, deeply explore and comprehensively extend the value of the Fair as a platform, so as to help the enterprises create more business opportunities, and provide a grand multi-tiered and three-dimensional industrial gala integrating product presentation, forums and summits, as well as trade and procurement conferences.

Four Professional Sectors Focusing on New Features of Rehabilitation and Care

SIC, known as China's most influential international event for the global silver industry, has been successfully held for three sessions. Now it has accumulated abundant advantageous resources from the government, the industry and the channels, and brought together the most cutting-edge products, technologies, solutions and achievements from various sectors of the whole industrial chain. By deeply integrating industrial resources, SIC 2017 will retain its four theme sectors, namely Barrier-Free Living, Rehabilitation and Care, Smart Senior Care and Health Maintenance to be further professional and targeted, which fully interpret the whole senior care industrial chain, and promote the industrial integration and development. Meanwhile, in order to cater for a rapidly growing and expanding senior rehabilitation & care and medical care market and more state policies to support the industry, SIC 2017 will intensify efforts to upgrade the rehabilitation & care sector to fully present state-of-the-art products and technologies of the industry within medical equipment, rehabilitation facilities, nursing care products and auxiliary appliances, help the enterprises within the industry to keep in line with the market trends, and promote the upgrade and reform of the silver industry.

Assembly of International Brands for More Business Opportunities

The 3rd SIC saw the number of overseas exhibitors exceed 34%, and made a brilliant presentation for Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan pavilions. It also attracted nearly 100 world-renowned enterprises and brands from more than 10 countries and regions such as the US, UK and France to participate. SIC 2017 will continue to extend its international influence with the presentation of TOTO, Paramount Bed, PTW Architects, RDNS China, Anjoy, Karasawa and other top-notch senior care brands of the world, and build an ideal bridge for them to enter into the Chinese market. Meanwhile, by integrating the resources of the industrial chains both upstream and downstream, and attracting quality professional buyers from diversified fields including the Chinese authorities of civil affairs, health and disabled persons' federations, senior care industry development and investment companies, distributors and agents of daily necessities for the elderly, SIC 2017 will provide pertinent business resources for exhibitors, help to upgrade their business channels, strengthen their brand value, seize more market share, and create new opportunities for business cooperation.

Brilliant Concurrent Events for an Overview of the Future of Silver Industry

SIC 2017 will organize some value-added forums and communication events, such as main forums, sub-forums and exclusive forums, and bring together elite scholars and experts from government agencies, industrial associations, social organizations, and leading enterprises to conduct in-depth discussion upon hot issues, look into and review the silver industry and its market changes, to present the latest technologies and market development direction of the silver industry. Besides, SIC will also organize procurement conferences, trade meetings and other match-making events for reputed real estate developers and chain stores to pair with exhibitors and make business deals so as to provide pertinent and highly-efficient business cooperation opportunities for both parties.

Through three years of hard efforts, SIC will remain dedicated to playing its role as an industry pilot and lead the industry with foresighted ideas and insightful plans. As the 4th session is approaching, SIC will continue to provide new opportunities for the industry to improve competitiveness and spare no efforts to help the enterprises be well prepared for the future, and infuse the silver industry with extraordinary core drive for the next development.

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