Striving Further with Innovation and Quality | The 49th JINHAN FAIR concluded! Let’s reunite at the 50th JINHAN FAIR in the golden October!


On April 27, the 49th Jinhan Fair for Home & Gifts (JINHAN FAIR) concluded successfully at Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center Expo (PWTC Expo). With the participation of 900 leading and emerging enterprises in the Home & Gifts industry, tens of thousands of new products were unveiled during the 2024 spring fair, showcasing the achievements of the "New Quality Productive Forces". The event attracted buyers from more than 160 countries and regions around the world.



Steadfast in High Quality


Global procurement giants presented in full force


As a one-stop trading platform for Home & Gifts, JINHAN FAIR has become an important channel for global professional buyers to optimize their supply chain, refine their selection of new products, and gain insight into trends. Industry giants presented at the 49th edition of the fair, including Hobby Lobby, the world’s largest private handcrafts retailer; TJX, a large US department store discounter; Ross Store, a major US housewares chain retailer; Woolworth, a German home decor chain retailer; Lidl, a major German chain retailer; MAISONS DU MONDE, a French home decor chain retailer; Liverpool, a Mexican department store chain retailer; B&M, a prominent UK housewares discount retail store; Kare, a German housewares chain retailer; and Nitori, one of Japan's largest housewares retailers.



New buyers also paid their first visits, such as PDMANFRED (Germany), homemarkt (Greece), GCT SAS (France), Zara Plant (Spain), DUNBARLO HOME (Australia), GLOBAL VERAMA HOLDING (Spain), OTTO'S AG (Switzerland), and Kwimex BV (Belgium). These newcomers unanimously expressed their admiration for the JINHAN FAIR, praising its wide range of products, high quality, and innovative offerings. They agreed that the negotiations were highly efficient, and expressed their intention to attend the next JINHAN FAIR for further procurement.


Partial List of Visiting Buyers


奥地利XXXLutz KG 




荷兰Kaemingk B.V. 


澳大利亚Coast to coast
美国Lifetime brands
阿联酋home center
美国Sam's Club Global Sourcing代表处
西班牙muy mucho    
英国Dutch Imports and Daughters
德国Flor & Decor Import
瑞典Wikholm form
阿根廷sineta deco


a leading global wholesaler of home decoration

 "I've observed a lot of products made from combinations of raw materials of various elements, including glass, iron, ceramics, and so on, all of which are green and recyclable raw materials. This is the prevailing trend of the market. The products at JINHAN FAIR are comprehensive and constantly updated. We can always find lots of what we want here. "



a German housewares chain retailer

"JINHAN FAIR is our main sourcing base in the world. There are many new products in this edition, and we have increased our sourcing volume accordingly. I believe JINHAN FAIR will bring us more surprises in the future."


a wholesale buyer from the US

Successfully negotiated with 10 exhibitors in merely 2 hours and planned to make their procurement subsequently from 5 of these suppliers.


They remarked, "This venue consolidates similar exhibits, making shopping highly efficient. Exhibitors can tailor the colors, materials, and heights of their products according to the needs of the mid-to-high-end market in the US. Their designs are trendy, and delivery is swift. For home furnishings, JINHAN FAIR is your one-stop destination."





Trend with the trends


Strengthening innovation and service quality in the midst of change


This year, exhibitors have shown a strong spirit of innovation and exploration. In the face of the complicated and changing international economic and trade environment and the ever-changing market dynamics, as well as the changes in the market demand and consumption trends in Europe and the US, they have intensified their efforts in R&D, design, and quality management of new products to improve their competitiveness and seize the market opportunities. Meanwhile, buyers, attach more importance to the compatibility of products with the market and the service standards of suppliers. They have intensified their scrutiny of potential suppliers and expect to establish long-term cooperation with quality service providers. In this era of concurrent change and opportunity, innovation and service emerge as the common focus for both parties.


As for market trends and changes in customer demand, Lin Liqu, General Manager of Fuzhou Home Broad, and Jiang Lequn, Deputy General Manager of Zhejiang Hobby, agreed that to ensure the competitiveness of products in the market, it is essential to make more efforts in innovation and services. Suppliers must keep on innovating product categories, technologies, color palettes, shapes, and functions, while keeping service at the forefront of their minds to satisfy customer needs.





Ningbo CNACC positioned its breakthroughs in materials, categories and services. Their chairman


Li, said, "We have adopted more environmentally friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable materials while integrating supply chain resources. With rich and diversified product categories, we are able to create a real and comfortable home space environment, and provide customers with better experiences and services. "



Regarding the current market, Hong Minjie, President of the Minhou County Craftwork Association, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, expressed, "The foreign trade market is constantly evolving, yet its essence remains unchanged - success in the market stems from delivering high-quality products and services. Companies need to move forward with the era and work together to tap into a broader international market."


Guided by market trends and driven by demand, China's manufacturing enterprises are incubating new opportunities in the crisis and breaking new ground in the midst of change. The same principle applies to JINHAN FAIR. We will continue to leverage the advantages of the platform to unite the innovative synergies of Chinese brands, promote the global trade of the Home & Gifts industry, and contribute to the successful expansion efforts of Chinese enterprises into international markets.


The closing is not the end

We look forward to meeting you again

In the golden October

See you at the 50th JINHAN FAIR!




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