Synergy Towards Innovation! Spotlight on the Opening of 49th JINHAN FAIR!


On April 21, the 49th Jinhan Fair for Home & Gifts (JINHAN FAIR) opened at Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center Expo (PWTC Expo), bringing a spring sourcing fest to global buyers of the home and gifts industry.


The New Trend of New Quality Productivity

Made a stunning debut with new in-trend products!


With a scale reaching 85,000 m2, the 49th edition of the fair featured 900 leading brands in the Home & Gifts industry. Leading enterprises like Minhou Minxing Weaving, Fuzhou Home Broad, Fuzhou Ivy-Deco, Xiamen Hanjia, Xiamen Deco, Shanghai A&B Home, Shanghai Sincere Gifts, Shanghai Hema, Zhejiang Wadou, Zhejiang H&T, Zhejiang Hobby, Hangzhou Kaitujia, Taizhou Rising Sun, and Taizhou Xuyin arrived at the fair as scheduled. Moreover, emerging enterprises such as Ningbo CNACC, Chaozhou Weijia, Fuzhou Zhenpin Chuangyi, Qingdao Joys, Yangzhou Shuntian, and Xi'an Dayang made their debuts.


In-trend new products of 2024 spring debuted at the event, featuring a wide range of home decorations, seasonal decorations, outdoor gardening equipment, home furnishings, housewares, home textiles, kitchenware, and gifts and souvenirs. These products highlight the latest trends in the Home & Gifts industry this spring, indicating the prevailing development direction of the industry.



Following the global trend of "sustainable development", China's Home & Gifts manufacturing enterprises continue their innovation in materials, technologies, and functional designs. They actively developed green, low-carbon, and environmentally friendly new products, which have become the "new favorites" of buyers.


Jin Aoqiu, the general manager of Ningbo Kwung’s Home, mentioned, "We continue to practice the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development, and make innovations in the materials, processes, and functions of scented candles. Following this trend, we developed a solar-powered LED scented candle, which can be used in a recyclable way. It's designed in the shape of a jellyfish, which is innovative and charming."



Zhejiang H&T presented their picture frames made of sea glass. Through secondary processing and embellishment design, the recycled glass has been transformed into exquisite wall ornaments. Taizhou Fanxi brought home decorations crafted from eco-friendly materials such as bamboo powder, gypsum, and coffee grounds. Taizhou A.Cheer displayed various kinds of ornaments and wall decorations made of recyclable and renewable acrylic materials. And Xiamen Umiss brought with them a comprehensive range of paper holiday gifts.



New Energy and New Opportunities


Attracted both new and established global buyers



Even days of torrential rain didn't dampen buyers' enthusiasm for sourcing! On the opening day, JINHAN FAIR attracted new and established buyers from more than 160 countries and regions. Buyers from the US, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Japan, Brazil, and other countries and regions came and placed orders on-site in an atmosphere perfect for sourcing, negotiation, and exchanges.



Regular buyers, such as Hobby lobby, K&K, Three hands, UMA, BURTON, and Ganz from the US; JJA, and CP INTERNATIONAL from France; Guild and G.Wurm GmbH from Germany; Duif International, Koopman, and Edelman from the Netherlands; JUMBO from Greece; XXXLutz from Austria; and J-line from Belgium, arrived punctually and enthusiastically, as they have been for many years.


Meanwhile, the show also attracted a large number of new buyers with new demands, bringing more business opportunities and orders for exhibitors. Buyers like Dutch Imports and Daughters (UK), Flor & Decor Import (Germany), Wikholm form (Sweden), KUMARU (Mexico), sineta deco (Argentina), and BTC FESTAS (Brazil) visited the fair for the first time to look for suitable suppliers and products.



Brazilian buyer Growover International Business, a first-time visitor, stated that she came to JINHAN FAIR mainly to source home furnishings and seasonal decorations, and was pleasantly surprised by the abundance of high-quality products and the diverse range of suppliers to choose from.


Synergies for New Breakthroughs


Respond to changes to seize development opportunities



Uncertainties still prevail in the current foreign trade market. The Chinese manufacturing industry has been moving forward under pressure by adapting to changes. By striving for excellence in R&D and design, maintaining high quality in manufacturing, and innovating in the supply chain, it seeks breakthroughs in response to new challenges.



Chen Guangyu, Product Director of Shanghai A&B Home, mentioned that the company has constructed a comprehensive industrial chain to integrate global high-quality supply chain resources. Through this, A&B Home can break the communication barriers of different links on the supply chain, and take advantage of the synergies of overseas production resources to improve supply chain efficiency and reduce the cost of logistics and tariffs.


"We have been enriching our products to cover more categories, such as seasonal decorations, wall decorations, and ornaments. By diversifying our product portfolio, we can meet buyers' needs for one-stop sourcing and develop a wider international market." concluded Cai Luping, Executive Vice President of Xiamen Arts Album.



While the offline exhibition was in full swing, the online exhibition of JINHAN FAIR also kicked in, providing global buyers with fast, efficient, and accurate business matchmaking services 24/7. The synergy between online and offline platforms contributed to successful transactions. Many overseas buyers who were unable to attend the exhibition explored new products and sought business opportunities through online services offered by the fair, including cloud shopping.



New quality productive forces enhance attractiveness. From now until April 27, JINHAN FAIR will continue to meet with you at Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center. For more exciting exhibitions, please stay tuned!


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