Preview: Forthcoming Taiwan Promotion Conference of 4th SIC


 Taiwan promotion conference of the 4th China International Silver Industry Exhibition is to kick off at the Exhibition Building of Taibei World Trade Center, Taiwan, on June 16, 2017. It is hosted by Guangzhou Poly Jinhan Exhibition Co., Ltd, and organized by Hongkong Elderly Commission and New Taipei Senior Industry Development Association with the support from Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robotics Association as well as Taiwan Long-Term Care Association.

To be present at the conference are leading enterprises of senior industry like Bedding World, OrbiTec Ltd., Jet Crown, HIWIN Technologies from Taiwan and Abilities Care-net, Inc from Japan. At the same time, the conference will be covered live by, Next Digital Economic Daily, Taibei Interview Center of Scoop Monthly, and City Power Taiwan TV Channel.

Bright Future in Mainland Senior Industry Ensures Good Timing for Taiwan Enterprises’ Landing

Along with demographic shifts and the increasing needs for elderly care services, China’s senior industry is entering a booming era with a bright future. Taiwan has been long known for its good reputation around the world in senior industry with its multi-leveled and consistent care system. There is no doubt that Taiwan will seek a huge marketplace in mainland China as it is already equipped with advanced elderly-friendly products, housing design, philosophy of service, personnel training and operation and management patterns. In fact, seeing the unprecedented business opportunities, many enterprises in Taiwan are stepping up their moves in Chinese market. Last year’s SIC attracted over thirty top brands and enterprises from Taiwan including Huijia Health Life Technology, Everget, Jet Crown, Nam Liong, Best Loving, Edenswear and Ephraim Ent to come and showcase their products, which helped them earn a wealth of attention. Thus, the goal of this conference is to assist more prominent companies of Taiwan in competing for a place in Chinese market by means of our platform and promote efficient collaboration in the resources and markets across the Strait.

Service Robot Rises to Get the Upper Hand in Senior Industry

The contradiction between increasing need for elderly care organizations and the shortage of ordinary staff including professional nurses and care givers as well as mounting labor cost facilitates the burgeoning of service robots and makes it a new growth for senior industry. At present, Taiwan’s robot production is export-oriented and the mainland accounts for half of its export market. It is predictable that the Taiwan enterprises, renowned for their research and development of cutting-edge technology and well-established expertise, will see bight prospects in the field of service robots in the mainland. This session of SIC is going to provide a featured area of service robots for enterprises within the industry to showcase their extraordinary products to the world.

All-around Resource Integration Helps to Create Ideal Platform for Taiwan Enterprises

With the guidance of China National Committee on Ageing, All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and People’s Government of Guangdong Province, the 4th SIC is co-hosted by China Silver Industry Association, China Poly Group Corporation and Guangdong Committee on Ageing. The cooperation between authoritative institutions in senior industry and the state-owned Poly Group ensures the strongest synergy in bringing together the optimal resources in Chinese market and hosting the largest international event of the industry.

In addition to the four themed pavilions, Barrier-Free Living Pavilion, Rehabilitation & Nursing Care Pavilion, Smart Nursing Pavilion and Healthy Living Pavilion, the 4th SIC is to debut another four featured areas for leading enterprises to display products, technologies and solutions in the field of senior housing, robot, nursing bed and resilient flooring. Meanwhile, there will be more than twenty professional activities to take place concurrently with the 4th SIC, such as “China International Forum on Aging” with its parallel sessions, and match-making conferences. They are aimed at informing companies of interpretations concerning the latest governmental policies and market anticipations to promote proper collaboration between commerce and trade and help Taiwan enterprises explore potential of the mainland market.
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  • 2017.09.07