Booths in hot sale! Assembly of Leading Enterprises at C&R Expo in September


As the world's third largest care and rehab exhibition, and China’s only national-level exhibition of assistive devices  for the disabled and elderly, the Care & Rehabilitation Expo China 2017 will be held at the China National Convention Center in Beijing from the 13th 15th September 2017, and display in an all-around manner the most cutting-edge auxiliary products, technologies and services of the world, as well as the latest achievements in China’s industry of assistive device and technology for the disabled. Since the launch of the expo, it has been supported by all  previous and potential exhibitors who attempt to seize the tremendous opportunities in the industry.


Hot booth demand from leading enterprises

Within only one month after the official launch of the Expo, over 80% of the previous exhibitors have already applied for the booth in haste, and enterprises in the care and rehab sector all over the world have been attracted for application. Among them, many leading enterprises have booked super-large booths in order to seize as many business opportunities as possible, making the exhibition area sold hit a record high over the previous sessions. Renowned brands include those from abroad such as Otto Bock of Germany, Össur of Iceland,Taica and Kawamura of Japan, Permobil of Sweden, and those from China such as REHA International, TAISITE, Jingbo, AOOMAN, MediWorks, Xiangyu  Medical, Shile, Kaiyang Group, UNQ, Guohongkang, Dongfang Medical Equipment, Erbaole, Worldwide Jingbo, ZOOMAX,Huistec.  Ai-robotics, etc. They will compete to present the most cutting-edge technologies and equipment in rehabilitation facilities and devices, prosthetics and orthopedics products, mobility aids, barrier-free facilities, and intelligent products.



Three themed pavilions presenting  innovative technologies of the industry

The expo will build up three specialized areas in a fresh new way, namely, Auxiliary Products, Barrier-free Life, and Smart Technology. In particular, the Auxiliary Products area will display varieties of assistive devices, prosthetics and orthopedics products and assistive service institutions to help improve the independent living capabilities of the dysfunction group, the Barrier-free Life will present barrier-free living facilities, mobility aids, and barrier-free product designers to provide professional solutions which are fully adapted to users’ demands and living environment. The Smart Technology will showcase intelligent healthcare management systems, wearable gadgets, robots and other products to reveal that high technology will make the life of the dysfunction group easier and more convenient. With a global view, the expo will present the most cutting-edge technologies, products and solutions in the world’s care and rehab industry, and create good opportunities for enterprises to trade and cooperate with each other.


Worldwide promotion for more business opportunities through multi-channels

The Expo has comprehensively integrated advantageous resources of the governments, the industry and other channels to conduct promotion worldwide, extend the international influence of the Expo, and attract more exhibitors to the largest extent. In January and February, promotion conferences for the Expo were successfully held in Beijing and Japan respectively, through which we have established close cooperative relationships with many industrial associations and leading enterprises, and become the spotlight of the industry. In the future, we will intensify efforts to organize more trade and communication events to promote international exchanges and cooperation in the care and rehab industry. Meanwhile, we have reached strategic cooperation agreements with more than 100 media at home and abroad, including Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, China News Service, Guangming Daily, Health News, Disability in China Magazine, etc., so as to maximize the exposure and explore more business opportunities for the exhibitors in a wide uncontested market.      
Booth application is now in full swing, and only a few left for reservation! We look forward to your presence at the Expo this September and join with all high profiles for more business opportunities of the global rehabilitation industry. Please visit our website for booth application. 
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  • 2017.09.07